‘Aneela Ehsan’ blasphemy questioning polygamy of the Prophet S.A.W

One Aneela Ehsan, apparently from Pakistan, submitted committed blasphemy according to Islamic law when she ‘reviled’ against the religion by questioning the conduct of prophet Muhammad. Presently, Pakistanis are trending a hashtag on Twitter calling her arrest and execution.

In two or three tweets, Aneela Ehsan had questioned the direct of the Prophet and asked why he had married 18 women separated from Khadija. Accordingly, Pakistanis are labeling their Prime Minister Imran Khan in their tweets and requesting that she be killed.

A few people, however, want her to be put to death after a trial. The punishment for blasphemy in any Islamic state is death. And insults to the prophet are considered one of the worst forms of blasphemy.

Some are stating that Aneela is by all accounts a ‘hostile to Islamist and fanatic’ in light of her tweets. They need the specialists to examine why she was ‘chipping away at such a radical motivation’.

Others blamed Aneela for “spreading hate” and said that they couldn’t read in excess of a couple of her tweets on the grounds that, obviously, it was “open blasphemy”.

Impiety pulls in incredible discipline in Pakistan, even demise. Not simply that, even individuals who are seen supporting the ‘blasphemers’ regularly face dangers to their life. Twitter user angry on Aneela Ehsan and top trending on twitter with #Arrest Aneela.

It is difficult to dispose of the disrespect laws in Pakistan and the specialists do pay attention to irreverence very as inability to do so could prompt a peace emergency. In the event that specialists don’t make any move, at that point Maulanas would prepare the group into a craze that can possibly destabilize the Military’s hold over the nation.

It is additionally appropriate to recall that Salman Taseer, a previous representative, was killed by a Radical Muslim for requiring the nullification of blasphemy laws in Pakistan. The killer was hailed as a saint by the huge lion’s share of Pakistani society.

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