‘Desi Cow’ milk contains gold, therefore yellowish in color By: BJP Leader

Known for his questionable comments, West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh on Tuesday pursued crisp column, saying that desi cow’s milk contains gold and is accordingly yellowish in shading. He additionally focused on a segment of learned people who ate hamburger as a sign of dissent, calling them “enemies of socials” and guiding them to eat hound meat as well.

The comments drew sharp responses from senior Trinamool Congress pioneer Subrata Mukherjee, who called the BJP pioneer’s cases “crazy”.

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Tending to an open meeting in Burdwan, Ghosh stated, “Desi Cow” have a mound on their back. Remote breeds don’t have a protuberance and their backs are plain similar to that of a bison. The mound has ‘swarna nari’. At the point when daylight falls on the mound, it produces gold.

That is the reason the milk of desi cow is yellowish or softly brilliant. It contains gold. On the off chance that one beverages just desi bovine milk it is sufficient for sustenance. There are numerous strict men who live by drinking bovine milk and water from the Ganga.”

The BJP MP from Midnapore additionally focused on individuals for their inclination for eating meat. “There are individuals who have a place with the educative society who eat meat on the roadside. Why just bovine? They can have hound meat as well. Eat different creatures as well. It is useful for wellbeing. Be that as it may, if you don’t mind eat at your home.

The dairy animals is our mom and we view cow executing as hostile to social,” said Ghosh, in an evident reference to a segment of CPM pioneers and learned people who ate meat freely in Kolkata in 2015 to challenge “rising bigotry” in India.

Expressing that “belittling” cows and executing them is a wrongdoing in India, the BJP pioneer stated, “We adore bovines simply like we worship our moms. At the point when we leave mother’s milk we get by on the dairy animals’ milk.

Presently on the off chance that anybody does mischief to my mom what will I do to them? It is a shocking wrongdoing to affront, murder dairy animals and eat hamburger in the blessed place where there is India. We will view them as enemies of socials.”

Ghosh likewise focused on police officers taking steps to make a move against those “who are recording bogus bodies of evidence against our gathering laborers” when the BJP comes to control.

“A great many our gathering laborers are being confined in bogus cases and tossed behind bars by the police. I let them know, we are keeping a watch and noticing their names. After we go to our capacity, move will be made. Regardless of whether they resign we will remove cash from their annuity as installment for the badgering of our laborers,” said Ghosh.

Known for his without any preparation comments, Ghosh was reserved for abhor discourse in August this year when he encouraged BJP laborers to take on Trinamool Congress laborers and beat up police officers.

Responding to Ghosh’s comments, TMC pioneer and Panchayat Minister Subrata Mukherjee said it was best for him not to respond to the BJP boss’ comments.

“In my long political vocation, I have never reacted to such an announcement. This sort of articulations implies he isn’t from Bengal. The individuals of Bengal will be the best judge of such crazy articulations and won’t acknowledge such an individual.

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