‘Ehd E Wafa’ Copied ‘Peaky Blinders’ Last Night’s Episode

Fans are mad after the last scene of ‘Ehd e Wafa’ left them amazingly awkward and to exacerbate it was genuine duplicated from the British show ‘Peaky Blinders’

The previous evening’s scene had a truly tacky scene when Shahzain, played by Osman Khalid Butt, shot his steed. Indeed, you heard it right. He genuine shot his own horse!

Just to give you a foundation on the scene, the faithful SSG got into a physical altercation over “young lady” issues. Shahzain was hauled out of school and when his steed couldn’t win a race, he lost his psyche totally.

He angrily requested his workers to bring the liable creature and made them blindfold it.

For what it’s value, the show didn’t demonstrate the real demonstration of the steed kicking the bucket and the obscured out the gun when Osman’s character pointed it at the pony however the entire idea left fans very bothered.

People are totally angry at ‘Ehd e Wafa’ for indicating such an upsetting scene

Huge amount of jokes and memes cracked over “Ehd e Wafa”

Regardless of whether it is an anecdotal show, fans are requesting a disclaimer to have been run with the goal that it is, right off the bat, clarified that no creatures were hurt during this scene and, besides, that little youngsters and susceptible society be cautioned that such a troublesome scene would have been going on in this scene.

Clearly no horse were harmed in any capacity… I trust. In any case, I don’t figure the crowd can process such an exceptional scene in a light romantic comedy show that Ehd e Wafa was introduced to us as. A disclaimer would have been the most proper course to go.

Did Shahzain’s savage activities intrigue you or would you say you are pissed at Ehd e Wafa group as well? Tell us in the remarks.

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