‘John Wick 4’ And ‘Matrix 4’ to have shutdown in cinema on the same day

May 21, 2021 has been named “Keanu day,” with the two his long awaited “Lattice” and “John Wick 4” continuations because of hit theaters at the same time in the US.

The planning seems, by all accounts, to be a fortuitous event, with kung fu-arched science fiction flic “The Matrix 4” being circulated by Warner Bros, and assassin spine chiller “John Wick 4” originating from rival studio Lionsgate.

While either date could move, that has not halted resolute devotees of the “Point Break” and “Bill and Ted” on-screen character from rushing to web based life to share their energy.

“Movement to make May 21… a national Keanu Reeves occasion,” tweeted Meagan Navarro.

“We should simply make May 21st Keanu day from here out,” included @WeWatchedAMovie.

Canadian entertainer Reeves, 55, has flooded in notoriety as of late, in a marvel named the “Keanuaissance.”

Grasped by the computer game network for his energetic voiceover and movement catch chip away at titles, for example, “Cyberpunk 2077,” he has been showered with acclaim for his rational disposition and saw dismissal of the shallow Hollywood way of life.

He has been named the “web’s beau” because of the quantity of images dependent on photos of him approaching his regular day to day existence.

A few genuine “Keanu stories” about the A-lister have turned into a web sensation, including a period he apparently helped transport individual travelers home after their plane had to make a crisis arrival in California.

The Matrix establishment, about people caught in an augmented experience by machines, has gotten more than $1.6 billion around the world.

Warner Bros has not determined if the new movie will be an immediate spin-off, saying just that it is “set in the realm of ‘The Matrix’.”

The first movies pursued a band of revolutionaries who combat canny machines in a future where people are subjugated inside the Matrix — a computer generated experience that takes after the contemporary world.

Reeves’ Neo was a saint set for spare humanity.

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