Pakistani Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi Weds Naimal Khawar

On-screen character turned dissident Hamza Ali Abbasi got married with Anaa star Naimal Khawar. Their nikkah function was held at an inn in Islamabad on Sunday.

The photos from the service were shared on Instagram by picture taker Maha Wajahat Khan. Their valima gathering will be hung on Monday.

Abbasi affirmed on August 21 that he is getting married with the Anaa star.

Prior to his announcement, a wedding card circulated on social media and stated that the two are tying the knot on Sunday, August 25.

Abbasi had taken to Twitter to say: “Yup, it’s true.”

The actor turned activist, who recently returned from Hajj, had also expressed “massive respect” for Naimal for being okay with a bald groom.

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