PUBG Mobile Version 0.15.0 Update More New Weapons

PUBG Mobile is expected for an update to adaptation 0.15.0, which starts turning out from one week from now and will incorporate a scope of changes for Android and iOS players

The online networking clients of the mainstream battleground game have been discussing the new highlights that will go to the game, for example, the BRDM-2 vehicle and edge get mechanics, among others.

Be that as it may, the greatest expansion to PUBG MOBILE with this update is effectively the Payload mode, which has been supposed for long.

Here’s Everything you should think about the new highlights going to the battleground .

PUBG Mobile Payload Mode

With the new PUBG mobile version 0.15.0 gets another Payload Mode. In this, players can fly a helicopter from the helipad and draw in with adversaries from the air just as while ashore.

In addition, a lot of overwhelming shoot weapons will be added to the program, including RPG-7 rocket dispatch, M3E1 rocket, M79 projectile launcher, M134 substantial assault rifle, and MGL explosive launcher.

PUBG Mobile New Weapons Update

  • PG-7 rocket launcher: exemplary rocket launcher, utilizing rockets.
  • M3E1-A rocket: a rocket that uses a rocket to dispatch a following vehicle.
  • M79 explosive launcher: single projectile launcher utilizing 40mm explosive.
  • M134 overwhelming automatic weapon, utilizing 7.62mm slugs.
  • MGL Grenade Launcher: Use 40mm Grenade.
  • PUBG Mobile additionally gets another vehicle-the BRDM-2, which can be utilized both ashore and water.

Climbing Procedure

Edge get will acquire new verticality the ongoing interaction, enabling a player to move upwards and climb housetops. Edge snatch will give a huge bit of leeway to the players since most players look down and disregard the rooftops.

Players can bounce building and climb edges mid-air. It will give them access to already out of reach spots in the game. A player needs to tap the bounce button twice for making the edge get work.

Moreover, colleagues will likewise have the option to review disposed of mates with the assistance of the correspondence tower.

The rendition PUBG mobile version 0.15.0 is hitting the Play Store and App Store on October 16.

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