Taylor Swift Compose New ‘Cat’ Tune For Musical Film

LONDON: American artist lyricist Taylor Swift and British writer Andrew Lloyd Webber have composed another melody for the film adjustment of hit melodic “Felines”, which will be performed by ballet dancer Francesca Hayward in the exceptionally foreseen motion picture.

“Excellent Ghosts” will likewise be sung by Taylor Swift, who stars as Bombalurina in her first film job, over the end credits.

Regal Ballet head artist Hayward plays Victoria, a job that has been additionally created in the motion picture, where the on-screen characters’ countenances are seen and their bodies are shrouded in PC produced hide.

“At the point when I originally read the screenplay, the primary thing I said was, ‘We must have a tune for Victoria’,” Lloyd Webber said in an announcement, including that the new tune was a fantastically significant and focal piece of the entire film.

An in the background video indicated Taylor Swift, Lloyd Webber and Oscar winning executive Tom Hooper in the account studio, just as pieces of Hayward in the film.

“Felines”, in view of lyrics by T.S. Eliot, opened in London in 1981, transforming into one of the longest-running shows in the West End and Broadway.

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